Are You a Fitness Competitor, Bikini Model or Personal Trainer?

Well you need to be using Isagenix!  IsaLean Shakes contain superior nutrition compared to other meal replacement shakes on the market. IsaLean Shakes contain exclusively sourced IsaPro® Complex, the highest quality whey protein concentrate and casein protein from the world’s largest dairy group in New Zealand, whose standards exceed the USDA organic standards. The cows are pasture-fed and not treated with hormones or routine antibiotics.
The protein in our shakes is extracted from the milk using a proprietary technology that no other company in the world can mimic. As a result, IsaLean Shakes contain lower lactose levels and a superior amino acid profile. IsaLean Shakes also contain Ionic Alfalfa™—our proprietary alfalfa juice concentrate enriched in ionic minerals to keep the body running at peak performance.
Our exclusive shakes also have added enzymes to break down the carbohydrates, proteins and fats for maximum absorption of key nutrients.  For more info on the IsaLean shakes click here.  Or for more info on Isapro (Pure protein powder – 27 grams)  click here.

Specifically Formulated All-Natural Performance Enhancing Supplements

isagenix ampedAs an athlete or someone who works out, chances are you’ve heard of nutrient timing. It’s the nutritional strategy that’s based on getting specific types of nutrients at specific times to maximize training adaptation or enhance performance.

By timing your intake of nutrients before, during, or after your workouts, you’ll amplify exercise gains and even speed recovery. So you can get more out of training every time, train more often, recover faster, and improve performance in your sport.

Now Isagenix is making it easy for you to take advantage of the latest science in nutrient timing with a new line of convenient products designed for athletes and exercise performance. We’re taking performance nutrition to a whole new level with our new, science-based, and delicious line of AMPED products.

For more information on the AMPED range click here.



Meet Ms Bikini Universe Model, Lori Harder

loriLori Harder, Isagenix Associate, is an accomplished fitness trainer and bikini competitor who couldn’t figure out how to get past 2nd- and 3rd-place finishes. As she struggled to gain control of her cravings, she also fought off the exhausting effects of a nutritional deficit that is often commonplace among serious bikini and figure competitors. Lori had hit a wall.

Then, her client, soon-to-be 2010 IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Winner Holly D., introduced her to Isagenix. But it took about six months for reality to sink in that Holly had the answer she was looking for.

“Honestly, I didn’t want to hear it,” admits Lori of Minnesota. “I had been in the industry for a while and did a lot of research on protein and protein powder and preached just eating clean foods to my clients.”

Finally, after several grueling workouts with Holly keeping up with and even besting her at weights while also recovering more quickly, Lori started to come around. She did her research and finally, she tried the products. She knew right away that she’d found the missing link in her fitness routine. “I had the fantastic coaches, but nutritionally, Isagenix just clicked,” shares Lori. “I went from having my worst show to winning three big shows all in a row.”

Her unprecedented back-to-back wins of the Ms. Bikini Universe 2010, Ms. Bikini America 2010 and Ms. Figure America 2010 titles have broken barriers for her and also opened the eyes of her fitness competition trainers, who have begun implementing Isagenix in the other girls’ training regimens as well.

Now Lori says she’s passionate about training her clients, competing and also sharing Isagenix.

“It’s all about balance,” says Lori. “The results and nutrition of Isagenix are undeniable. I feel so good I want to share it with everyone. Isagenix is a god send.”